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New book list, August 12, 2015


Abnormalities and other changes on woolly mammoth bones from central Europe 32,000 to 20,000 years ago: a monograph.
By Alina Krzemińska. Kraków: Instytut Systematyki i Ewolucji Zwierząt Polskiej Akademii Nauk, 2014. HOLLIS# 014449864
QE882.P8 K79 2014x

Atlas of early stage fishes in Japan.
Second edition. [Tokyo]: Tokai Daigaku Shuppankai,[2014]. HOLLIS# 014423659
QL634.J3 N45 2014x

Beetles: biodiversity, ecology and role in the environment.
Camilla Stack, editor. [Hauppauge], New York: Nova Publishers, [2015].
HOLLIS# 014449855
QL573.B438 2015

British soldierflies and their allies: an illustrated guide to their identification and ecology: covering all flies (Diptera) in the families Acroceridae, Asilidae, Athericidae, Bombyliidae, Rhagionidae, Scenopinidae, Stratiomyidae, Tabanidae, Therevidae, Xylomyidae and Xylophagidae.
By Alan E. Stubbs and Martin Drake; with photographic colour plates by David Wilson. Second edition. Reading, Berkshire: British Entomological and Natural History Society, 2014. HOLLIS# 014427378
QL535.4.G7 S79 2014x

Catalogue of shell collection by Mr. Hiroshi Takakuwa presented to Toyohashi Museum of Natural History. Vol. 2, pt. 11. Gastropoda (Part 11). Family Marginellidae – Family Turridae.
By Nobue Izawa and Keiji Matsuoka. Toyohashi-shi: Toyohashi-shi Shizenshi Hakubutsukan, 1993- . HOLLIS# 006296515
QL406.2.I92 1993 v. 2, pt. 11

Climate change adaptation plan for Australian birds.
Editors: Stephen T. Garnett and Donald C. Franklin. Collingwood, VIC, Australia: CSIRO Publishing, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014427094
QL698.95.C55 2014

The Greenland entomofauna: an identification manual of insects, spiders and their allies.
Edited by Jens Böcher, Niels P. Kristensen, Thomas Pape and Lars Vilhelmsen. Leiden; Boston: Brill, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014448466
QL482.G83 G73 2015

Kamus lengkap flora-fauna Indonesia.
Penyusun, Drs. Budi Suhono. Matraman, Jakarta: PT Kaisar Ilmu, 2013. HOLLIS# 013826320
QH186.B83 2013 vol. 1-4

Letting go of legacy services: library case studies.
Edited by Mary Evangeliste and Katherine Furlong. Chicago: ALA Editions, An imprint of the American Library Association, 2014. HOLLIS# 014436829
Z678.L43 2014

Mammalogy: adaptation, diversity, ecology.
Edited by George A. Feldhamer [and four others]. Fourth edition. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014425793
QL703.M36 2015

Murder at Harvard [videorecording].
A Spy Pond Productions film for American Experience; produced by Melissa Banta & Eric Stange; directed by Eric Stange; written by Eric Stange, Melissa Banta, Simon Schama.[Alexandria, Va.]: PBS Home Video, [2003]. HOLLIS# 009775888
RA1123 .M8 2003

The population biology of tuberculosis.
By Christopher Dye. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014438249
RA644.T7 D94 2015x

Pristionchus pacificus: a nematode model for comparative and evolutionary biology.
Edited by Ralf J. Sommer. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2015. HOLLIS# 014449858
QL391.N4 P75 2015

By Kenneth J. Boss. Collected works of Kenneth J. Boss, 1959-1999.
HOLLIS# 014453192
QL402.B67x (v. 1-7)

Salamanders of the Old World: the salamanders of Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
By Max Sparreboom. First edition. Zeist: KNNV Publishing, 2014. HOLLIS# 014427096
QL668.C2 S67 2014

Sequel to “The Life Histories of Asian Butterflies Vols. I & II”.
By Suguru Igarashi and Motohiro Harada. Tokyo: Yoshiko Igarashi, 2015. HOLLIS# 014423609
Ref. QL556.A1 I43 2015x

The sixth extinction: an unnatural history.
By Elizabeth Kolbert. First edition. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2014. HOLLIS# 013949878
QE721.2.E97 K65 2014

16th International Conference of the International Bryozoological Association.
A cura di Antonietta Rosso, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson & Jo Porter. Trento, Italia: MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, 2014. HOLLIS# 014428455
QL396.I58 2013x

Traditional ecological knowledge: practical roles in climate change adaptation and conservation.
Jerome M. Harrington, editor. New York: Nova Publishers, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014449852
QH541.T733 2015x

Found on librarian travels



Dorothy Barr was visiting the Field Museum in Chicago when who should appear in a video …

Librarian Travels


June is Conference Month in Library Land. From June 13-16 I was at the SLA (Special Libraries) Annual Convention in Boston attending board meetings and sessions and received an award for helping with program planning from the Biomedical Division. One session on Evolution featured two of our faculty: Hopi Hoekstra and Jim Mallet (ably assisted by Henry Mallet) who received rave reviews from attendees for their presentations.

Celebrating Louis Agassiz, founder of the MCZ


New book list, June 3, 2015


Ari no su no ikimono zukan = The guests of Japanese ants.
[By] M. Maruyama, T. Komatsu, S. Kudo, T. Shimada & K. Kinomura. Hatano-shi: Tōkai Daigaku Shuppankai, 2013. HOLLIS# 014236823
QL568.F7 M33 2013

August Weismann: development, heredity, and evolution.
By Frederick B. Churchill. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014218293
QH31.W45C48 2015

Faunal diversity of Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary Himachal Pradesh.

Edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India. Kolkata: Zoological Survey of India, May, 2014. HOLLIS# 014384183
QL309.F3853 2014x

Fauna of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharastra.
Edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata. Kolkata: Zoological Survey of India, July, 2014. HOLLIS# 014384190
QL309.F3852 2014x

Faunal exploration of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary Rajasthan.
Edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India. Kolkata :Zoological Survey of India, December, 2014. HOLLIS# 014384180
QL309.F3826 2014x

Fische im Süßwasser: Arten und Lebensräume.
[By] Ronald Fricke. Stuttgart: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart,2014. HOLLIS# 014384175
QL624.F73 2014x

Handbook of marine fisheries conservation and management.
Edited by R. Quentin Grafton … [et al.]. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. HOLLIS# 012316408
SH331.H27 2010

Jahresbericht: Projekte und Aktionen 2013/2014: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart.
Stuttgart : Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, 2014. HOLLIS# 014384173
QH70.G3 S72 2014x

A Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) south polar palynoflora from the Chatham Islands, New Zealand.
By Chris Mays. Canberra: Association of Australasian Palaeontologists, 2015. HOLLIS# 014383134
QE993.M39 2015x

Noise matters: the evolution of communication.
By R. Haven Wiley. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014218295
QP465.W55 2015

Oasis of the deep [videorecording]: cold water corals of Atlantic Canada = Oasis des profondeurs: coraux des eaux froides du Canada atlantique.
[Ottawa]: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, [2008]. HOLLIS# 014389304
QH95.8.O27 2008

Secrets of the snake charmer: snakes in the 21st century.
By John C. Murphy. New York: iUniverse Inc, 2010. HOLLIS# 014369064
QL666.O6 M87 2010x

Unser Bodensee.
By Klaus Zintz. Stuttgart: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, 2014. HOLLIS# 014384169
QH96.Z45 2014x

New book list, May 13, 2015


Advances in the study of behavior. Volume 47.
New York, Academic Press, 1965- . HOLLIS# 000127720
QL750.A38 v. 47

African queens and their kin: a Darwinian odyssey.
By David A.S. Smith. [Taunton, Somerset] UK: Brambleby Books, 2014. HOLLIS# 014344100
QL561.D3 S65 2014x

The common eider.
By Chris Waltho and John Coulson. London: T & AD Poyser, 2015. HOLLIS# 014346314
QL696.A52W35 2015x

The complete Oophaga pumilio: biology, ecology, captive husbandry.
By Frank Steinmann, Chris van der Lingen. Frankfurt am Main: Edition Chimaira, 2014. HOLLIS# 014335526
QL668.E233S74 2014x

The correspondence of Charles Darwin. Volume 22, 1874.
[Editors, Frederick Burkhardt, Sydney Smith]. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire]; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1985-. HOLLIS# 000104729
QH31.D2 A33 v. 22

Daughters of alchemy: women and scientific culture in early modern Italy.
By Meredith K. Ray. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014218356
Q130.R37 2015

Dermestidae (Coleoptera).
By Jiří Háva. Second edition. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2015. HOLLIS# 014368667
QL596.D4H39 2015

Fauna of Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.
Edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata. Kolkata : Zoological Survey of India, July, 2014. HOLLIS#014367271
QL309.F3815 2014x

Gastrotricha, Cycloneuralia, and Gnathifera.
Edited by Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2013-2015. HOLLIS# 014368683
QL386.G37 2013

Geoscience atlas of Svalbard.
Winfried K. Dallmann (editor). [Tromsø]: Norsk polarinstitutt, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014368863
QE281.G467 2015x

Isolated branches in the phylogeny of Platyhelminthes.
By Christopher Edward Laumer. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy)–Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University, March 2015. HOLLIS# 014336607
QL391.P7 L38 2015x

Lepidoptera Yponomeutoidea.I,Argyresthiidae, Attevidae, Praydidae, Scythropiidae, and Yponomeutidae.
By Jon A. Lewis and Jae-Cheon Sohn; edited by Bernard Landry. Leiden: Brill, 2015. HOLLIS# 014368657
QL542.L495 2015x

Microlepidoptera of Europe. Tineidae 1.
Edited by P. Huemer, O. Karsholt & L. Lyneborg. Stenstrup [Denmark]: Apollo Books, 1996- . HOLLIS# 008437489
QL555.A1M53 1996 v. 7

The Moths and butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland. Volumes 5, pts. 1-2: Tortricidae.
Editor John Heath.Micropterigidae-Heliozelidae.Oxford [etc.]: Blackwell Scientific; London: Curwen Press, 1976- . HOLLIS# 001048891
QL555.G7M67 1976

Neural mechanisms of gait regulation and olfactory: plasticity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
By Yu Shen. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy)–Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, March 2015. HOLLIS# 014336602
QL391.N4 S46 2015x

Ostracoden im Epipelagial vor der Antarktischen Halbinsel: ein Beitrag zur Systematik sowie zur Verbreitung und Populationsstruktur unter Berücksichtigung der Saisonalität.
Vorgelegt von Rüdiger Kock. Hamburg: [Universität Hamburg], 1992. HOLLIS# 011653324
QL444.O8K63 1992x

Phylogeography of California: an introduction.
By Kristina A. Schierenbeck. Berkeley: University of California Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014367237
QH105.C2S35 2014

Treatise on invertebrate paleontology. Part E, v. 4-5, porifera, revised.
2d editions directed and edited by Curt Teichert. Editorial assistants: Lavon McCormick [and] Roger B. Williams. 2d ed., rev. and enl.Boulder, Colo., Geological Society of America, 1970- . HOLLIS# 000668588
QE770.T7 1970 pt. E, v. 4-5

X z’ïzd Ukraïnsʹkoho fiziolohichnoho tovarystva: tezy dopovideĭ (Odesa, 1977 r.).
Redakt͡siĭna kolehii͡a, P.H. Kosti͡uk (vidpovidalʹnyĭ redaktor) [and six others]. Kyïv: Naukova dumka, 1977. HOLLIS# 014356327
QP34.5.U571 1977

Zhongguo dong wu zhi.Niao gang. [Fauna Sinica: Aves, v. 13-14].
Zheng Baolai deng bian zhu; Zhongguo ke xue yuan Zhongguo dong wu zhi bian ji wei yuan hui zhu bian. HOLLIS# 009029588
QL691.C5C57 1985

New book list, March 25, 2015


Amphibian biology. Volume 11, pt. 2: Status of conservation and decline of amphibians: Northern Africa.
Edited by Harold Heatwole. Chipping Norton, NSW: Surrey Beatty & Sons; Exeter [U.K.]: Pelagic Publishing, 1994- . HOLLIS# 006273627
QL667.A47 1994

Art and architecture of insects.
By David M. Phillips. Lebanon, NH: ForeEdge,[2014]. HOLLIS# 014328026
QL494.P45 2014

Biodiversity, biogeography and nature conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea.
Dr. Dmitry Telnov, executive editor. Riga: The Entomological Society of Latvia, 2011- . HOLLIS# 014314007
QL434.58.A1 B56 2011

BioIndustry ethics.
By David L. Finegold … [et al.]. Amsterdam; Boston, Mass.: Elsevier Academic Press, c2005. HOLLIS# 009726385

Ecology and classification of North American freshwater invertebrates.Thorp and Covich’s Freshwater invertebrates.
Fourth edition. Edited by James H. Thorp, D. Christopher Rogers.London, UK ;San Diego, CA, USA :Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier,[2015]- . HOLLIS# 014328515
QL151.E36 2015 v. 1

Ecology, systematics, and the natural history of predaceous diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae).
Donald A. Yee, editor. Dordrecht: Springer, 2014. HOLLIS# 014328034
QL596.D9E36 2014eb [e-book]

The mammals of North Dakota.
By Robert W. Seabloom; with contributions by John W. Hoganson and William F. Jensen. [Fargo, N.D.]: Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU, c2011. HOLLIS# 014173622
QL719.N9 S43 2011

Marine mammals and the Exxon Valdez.
Edited by Thomas R. Loughlin. San Diego: Academic Press, c1994. HOLLIS# 005403792
QL713.2.M353 1994

MOSJ status report for environmental pollutants in 2011.
Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Anita Evenser, Sylvia Frantzen, Justin Gwynn, Ingeborg Gammelsæter Hallanger, Roland Kallenborn, Katrine Aspmo Pfaffhuber, Heli Routti and Kjetil Sagerup. Tromsø: Norsk Polarinstitutt, September 2014. HOLLIS# 014331374
QC981.8.G56 M6813 2014

Of Oceans and Men: an extraordinary adventure.
Marseille: Natural Museum of Marseille, [2014?]. HOLLIS# 014151496
GC35.2.F8 D4713 2014

Primates in fragments: complexity and resilience.
By Laura K. Marsh, Colin A. Chapman, editors. New York: Springer, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014328597
QL737.P9P6778 2013eb [e-book]

Probabilistic graphical models for genetics, genomics, and postgenomics.
Edited by Christine Sinoquet, Editor in chief, and Raphaël Mourad, editor. First edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014228559
QH438.4.M3 P76 2014

Priručnik za edukaciju posmatrača ptica u Bosni u Hercegovini. Knj. 1. Lešinari.
[By] Dražen Kotrošan … [et al.]. Sarajevo: Ornitološko društvo “Naše ptice”, 2009- HOLLIS# 014331396
QL696.F32 P73 2009 knj. 1

Resoconto ornitologico del Friuli Venezia Giulia: anni 2006-2011.
A cura di Carlo Guzzon, Kajetan Kravos, Roberto Parodi, Stefano Sava, Matteo Toller (Associazione Studi Ornitologici e Ricerche Ecologiche del Friuli Venezia Giulia).Udine, Italy: Comune di Udine, Edizione del Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale, 2013. HOLLIS# 014319746
QL690.I8R47 2013

Sentience and animal welfare.
By Donald M. Broom. Wallingford, Oxfordshire: CABI, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014228577
QL785.27.B76 2014

The study and ringing of Palaearctic birds at Ngulia Lodge, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, 1969-2012 : an overview and update.
By David Pearson, Graeme Backhurst and Colin Jackson. Nairobi, Kenya : East Africa Natural History Society, 2014. HOLLIS# 014318518
QL692.K4 P92 2014

The use and conservation of Minnesota wildlife, 1850-1900.
By Evadene Burris Swanson; transcribed and edited by Nancy Hertzel, Anthony X. Hertzel, and Carrol Henderson. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources: Minnesota’s Bookstore, Dept. of Administration, 2007. HOLLIS# 014319380
SK411.S93 2007

Broadfoot awarded Dean’s Distinction


On Thursday, March 12, 2015, Dean Michael Smith honored 34 individuals and 4 teams from the Faculty of Arts and Science with the Dean’s Distinction award. A lively reception was held at University Hall to recognize their outstanding contributions to FAS. The Ernst Mayr Library’s Ronnie Broadfoot was selected this year for exemplary service to library users and his efforts on behalf of the Library.


Ronnie’s commendation states:

“Ronnie Broadfoot works well with staff members within the Ernst Mayr Library, the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and across FAS. He strives to provide the best and most appropriate services for a given situation, excelling particularly in providing course reserves and reference assistance. Ronnie works “outside the box” and offers services without being asked. We receive unsolicited comments from faculty and students attesting to Ronnie’s service ethic and helpfulness navigating the Harvard Library and Museum complex. Ronnie tracks relevant courses in the Museum complex, identifies print materials that might be required and contacts professors before the beginning of each semester, to ensure that items are available to the students in the expected place at the right time. When approached with a student’s reference question, Ronnie probes for the “question behind the question,” helping clarify the information that would be most helpful. In 2014, several projects affected the library collection simultaneously, necessitating the sudden move of thousands of volumes. Ronnie worked out the details of where volumes would fit and kept everyone abreast of the shifting locations. Because of Ronnie’s swift actions and communication, the library remained fully functional and responsive to campus needs, even in the midst of change.”

Also honored were local colleagues Megan McHugh from the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and Tristan Rocher of the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture.

New book list, March 11, 2015


Animal social networks.
Edited by Jens Krause, Richard James, Daniel W. Franks, Darren P. Croft. Oxford: Oxford University Press, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014293940
QL775.A55 2015

Atlas of common sea fishes in Taiwan Strait.
Su Yongquan … [et al.] zhu. Xiamen: Xiamen da xue chu ban she, 2011. HOLLIS# 013234664
QL634.T283 T35 2011

Biology of the invertebrates.
[By ] Jan A. Pechenik. Seventh edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education, [2015]. HOLLIS# 014313073
QL362.P43 2015

The birds of Gloucestershire.
By Gordon Kirk and John Phillips for the Gloucestershire Ornithological Co-ordinating Committee. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013. HOLLIS# 014117397
QL690.G7 K57 2013

Cane toads: a tale of sugar, politics and flawed science.
By Nigel Turvey. Sydney, N.S.W.: Sydney University Press, 2013. HOLLIS# 014313299
SB998.B82 T87 2013

A check list of the biota of lower Chesapeake Bay: with inclusions from the upper bay and the Virginian Sea.
Compiled by Marvin L. Wass, with the assistance of several authorities and aides. Gloucester Point, Va.: Virginia Institute of Marine Science, 1972. HOLLIS# 014287638
QH92.1.W38 1972

A checklist of the fishes of Missouri, with keys for identification.
By William L. Pflieger.Rev. ed. Jefferson City?: Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Division of Fisheries, 1968. HOLLIS# 014287742
QL628.M8 P46 1968

Condition and health indicators of exploited marine fishes.
By Josep Llooet, Georgiy Shulman, Malcolm R. Love. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2014. HOLLIS# 014307281
SH328.L57 2014

Descriptive taxonomy: the foundation of biodiversity research.
Edited by Mark F. Watson, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Chris H. C. Lyal, Natural History Museum, London, Colin A. Pendry, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014287669
QH75.D465 2015

Ecology of Australian temperate reefs: the unique South.
Editors, Scoresby Shepherd and Graham Edgar. Collingwood, VIC: CSIRO Publishing, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014307202
QH197.2.S68 E26 2013

Foraminifera and their applications. [E-book]
By Robert Wynn Jones. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014315601
QL368.F6J66 2014eb

The forgotten salmon of the Merrimack.
By Lawrence Stolte.[Place of publication not identified]: Dept. of the Interior, Northeast Region; Washington, D.C.: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1981. HOLLIS# 014287613
SH685.S76 1981

Historia natural de los Monegros.
[By] César Pedrocchi Renault. Grañén (Huesca): Instituto de Estudios de Los Monegros, [2000]. HOLLIS# 014288372
QH171.P34 2000

Index to Jordan’s Genera of fishes, vols. I-IV.
Compiled by Hugh M. Smith and presented by him to the Division of Fishes, United States National Museum in May 1935. Siam: H.M. Smith, 1935? HOLLIS# 014291865

La merluza del mar Argentino(biología y taxonomía).
Por Victor Angelescu, Francisco S. Gneri y Alberto Nani. Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina, Secretaría de Marina, Servicio de Hidrografía Naval, 1958. HOLLIS# 014287627
QL632.A6 A582 1958

Relicts of a beautiful sea: survival, extinction, and conservation in a desert world.
By Christopher J. Norment. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014228569
QL668.C2 N67 2014

The science of forensic entomology. [E-book]
By David B. Rivers, Gregory Dahlem. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2013. HOLLIS# 014307290
RA1063.45.R58 2013 [e-book]

New book list, February 25, 2015


Amphibians & reptiles of Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida.
By Charles LeBuff and Chris Lechowicz; featuring the photography of Bill Love & Daniel Parker ; foreword by C. Kenneth Dodd., Jr., Ph. D. Fort Myers, Fla.: Amber Publishing; Sanibel, Fla.: Ralph Curtis Publishing, [2013]. HOLLIS# 014293844
QL653.F6L32 2013

The animal mind: an introduction to the philosophy of animal cognition.
By Kristin Andrews. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2015. HOLLIS# 014281014
QL785.A69 2015

Animalele de apă dulce și răspîndirea lor.
[De] G.D. Vasiliu [și] P. Bănărescu. București: Editura științifica, 1960. HOLLIS# 014288425
QH541.5.F7V37 1960

The anoles of honduras: systematics, distribution, and conservation.
By James R. McCranie and Gunther Köhler. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology, 2015. HOLLIS# 014218390
QL666.L268M33 2015

An atlas of common nearshore marine fish larvae of the Hawaiian Islands.
By John M. Miller, William Watson, and Jeffrey M. Leis. Honolulu, Hawaii: University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program, 1979. HOLLIS# 014288394
QL636.5.H3M54 1979

Australian high country raptors.
By Jerry Olsen. Collingwood, Vic.: CSIRO Publishing, [2014]. HOLLIS# 014281022
QL677.78.O57 2014

A biological survey of the Champlain watershed.Supplemental to Nineteenth annual report, 1929.
Albany, J.B. Lyon Co., printers, 1930. HOLLIS# 014288495
SH35.N7C4 1929

Catálogo de los moluscos continentales de Colombia.
[By] Edgar L. Linares & Mónica L. Vera.Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias, Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, 2012. HOLLIS# 014285266
QL424.C6L56 2012

Catalogue of the Masayo Kato insect collection, the University Museum, the University of Tokyo.Part 1,Hymenoptera.
Hirohiko Nagase, Kazushi Harada, Hayato Ito & Masaya Yago. Tokyo: Tokyo daigaku sogo kenkyu hakubutsukan, 2014. HOLLIS# 014299987
QL468.2.T64 2014a

A colour guide to familiar freshwater fishes.
By Jir̆í C̆ihar̆; illustrated by Jir̆í Maly̆; translated [from the Czech] by Daniela Coxon. London: Octopus Books, 1976. HOLLIS# 014287738
QL633.A1 C44 1976

The dismal state of the Great Lakes: an ecologist’s analysis of why it happened, and how to fix the mess we have made.
By James P. Ludwig. [Bloomington, IN]: Xlibris LLC,2013. HOLLIS# 014284302
QH104.5.G7L82 2013

Dog behaviour, evolution, and cognition.
By Ádám Miklósi (Department of Ethology, Eötvös University, Budapest). Second edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. HOLLIS# 014293947
QL795.D6 M44 2015

The Effects of power generation on some of the living marine resources of the Cape Cod Canal and approaches.
By W. Stephen Collings [and others].[Place of publication not identified] : Massachusetts Dept. of Fisheries, Wildlife and Recreational Vehicles, Division of Marine Fisheries, 1981.HOLLIS# 014288484
TD195.E4E55 1981

Elephant – the lady boss: ecology and management.
Dr. C.H. Basappanavar. Revised edition. Bengaluru, India: Vanasuma Prakashana, 2012. HOLLIS# 014129538
QL737.P98 B373 2012

Estudo das populações portuguesas do gén. Barbus cuvier, 1817 (Pisces, Cyprinidae).
[By] Carlos A. S. Almaça. Lisboa: [publisher not identified], 1967. HOLLIS# 014287655
QL638.C94A55 1967

The fishes of Oklahoma.
By Rudolph J. Miller and Henry W. Robison. Stillwater, Okla., Oklahoma State University Press, 1973. HOLLIS# 014287736
QL628.O5M646 1973

Fishes of the Delaware estuaries: a guide to the early life histories.
By Johnson C.S. Wang & Ronnie J. Kernehan. Towson, Md.: E A Communications, ©1979. HOLLIS# 014288388
QL628.D3W35 1979

Minami Shinakai no gyorui = Fishes of the South China Sea.Fishes of the South China Sea
Tōkyō: Kaiyō Suisan Shigen Kaihatsu Sentā, 1982. HOLLIS# 014288491
QL623.56.M56 1982

Fishes of the world.
Illustrated by Will Nickless and George Thompson. Maps by John Smith. New York, Grosset & Dunlap [1971]. HOLLIS# 014287739
QL617.C63 1971

Flora illustrata: great works from the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden.
Edited by Susan M. Fraser and Vanessa Bezemer Sellers; foreword by Gregory Long.Bronx, New York: New York Botanical Garden; New Haven : Yale University Press, 2014. HOLLIS# 014155396
QK98.3.N48 2014

Fundamentals of systems biology: from synthetic circuits to whole-cell models.
By Markus W. Covert. Boca Raton: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2015] HOLLIS# 014293949
QH313.C83 2015

Guide to northeast Pacific rockfishes: genera Sebastes and Sebastolobus.
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