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Season’s Greetings …


Merry Christmas & Happy 2006!!!

— Unique X-mas tree at HSBC plaza in Shanghai

More memorable moments from past and present:

1) Harvard Commencement 2004

With some of my blockies:

With mom in the Yard . . .

In Quincy House Courtyard (mostly) . . .


At HardRock Cafe in Boston with Amy TTZ and her parents:


2) California Winter!  — an oxymoron??

At Santa Monica (2004)


My 8-day Shanghai trip in June of 2004 was definitely unforgettable …

1) With Grandma … Don’t we look alike?!

With Grandma Shanghai04(2):

2) With three of my cousins

3) Wow… who is this shuai-ge/leng-jai/stud?? 😛

4) With Uncle …

5) At Gong1 De2 Ling2 (signature vegetarian cuisine!! No, the bamboo is not edible …) — be sure to check out their Chinglish menu … 😛


Ah … Nostalgia over fair Hahhvvaaad (haha j/k). Missing college dearly, nevertheless:

1) Senior Soiree — with (most of) my blocking group in the Quincy Courtyard right before dinner

Million $ Question: Which blockmate wore my Quincy Spring Formal dress to this dance??  (hehe … see #3 below)

2) With my NYC roommates right before the Soiree:

3) Quincy House Spring Formal — Dining at Upstairs on the Square (YUUUMMMYY!!!) 

4) Just can’t get enough of Upstairs on the Square (dragged Yue there for brunch … and it worked becuz she sold her soul 1 yr later… haha j/k):

Yue_Qin Upstairs:

5) Can you believe that these were poses for my Yearbook photo?? Guess which one my mom picked …

6) Fun with Mickey!!!

At Disneyland with Steph (study buddy & best friend from elementary school):

Pretending to be Cinderella on my BDay at Walt Disney World:

HMmmmm … doesn’t quite look right eh?? Guess that rules out one option for Halloween 😛

7) I miss MUSIC!!!!! Vocal, instrumental, Mando/Canto Pop, Classical, Karaoke, etc etc etc

With Gloria & Diana at the MIHNUET Blacktie Recital (Feb 04):


Don’t be fooled … there’s still a REAL Starbucks at every corner


The Motherland has become a hodge podge of ‘wanna bes’ . . . The following pix were taken during my Easter weekend visit to Shanghai (strolling along Nanjing Lu with Pinggy):


Pink Elephants . . .


Napa wine tastings are great . . . teehee 😛

Cheers . . .


Happy Labor Day — my fellow overworked NY’ers/slave laboerers/indentured servants . . .

Let us raise the glass —

Drink wine and dine

and never forget the cheeese …

‘Cuz in this superficial city of glass,

it’s all about couture and class;

No time to think or whine

Or strive for true happiness, alas! 

Here’s to a ‘Happily Ever After’ . . .


Congrats again to JH & EK!!! (with JH at engagement party @Le Souk in East Village 08/13/05):

Le Souk party_small:

With roommate JK

Friendly gathering on a cold Winter evening . . .


Five buddies sitting around the common room table (counterclockwise: Eric, Jess, Me, Malc & Theo):

Maid-of-Honor with Bride:

It feels just like yesterday …


When I was a giggly chubby kid in Shanghai:


The Housing Lottery – our ubiquitous silence (but subsequent elation) over “Quincy House, not the QUAD!!”

The view from my Old Quincy F-31 window on a sunny (but frigid) spring day

Our sporadic high school reunions (namely, Sci-Olym “we love being geeks” dinners)


Ah, such nostalgia …

alrite … back to reality.

Oops . . .


Alrity … no language-pack support on Manila weblog, eh? oh well . . .


Oh man I wish I were in Shanghai again . . . (snapshot of traffic along The Bund 06/04):

NYC busybee … OC slacker at heart


Long time no visit, my fair Hahhvvvaadd weblog … notice my jettisoning of your pretentious Crimson theme … and adoption of the very qinqin color — violet!! yes, this enigmatic gypsy-esque hue that floods my wardrobe!! 

The title tells all . . . let’s all hang in there, guys!!

I propose a bi-weekly NYC restaurant/bar sampling . . . an excellent excuse to dodge staffing, no? muhahahaHA 😛 Supporters/advocates — please email me your preference list 🙂

A snapshot of the past year:

1) moved to Midtown East, right near the United Nations (stamp souvenir from UN visit with family):

UN Stamp_small:


2) My birthday dinner back in January (roommate JK and blockmate TIH):


3) Visited Napa Valley (Wine County USA) and Solvang (cutest Danish settlement in America, featured below):


4) My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to JH (and EK) — i’m so happy for u (w/ JH in Orlando, previous birthday):


5) One of my entertainment industry idols — Xu Jinglei — The most talented young Chinese director/producer/actress … beautiful, down-to-earth & intelligent … so much better than the overrated Zhang Ziyi:


6) What will 2005/2006 bring? I can only rely on fate . . . one thing for certain — “Vivian” will be more official . . . sigh… soon to be a citizen of the cultural hodge-podge nation 


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