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Oh where, oh where, has Mary gone???

I haven’t gone anywhere – just not much happenin’ ’round here these days!

Going on vacation next week – so I’m super-duper excited about that. Just went to MIT’s plant sale and picked up some annuals – I love, love, love this time of year!!!!!

Also just heard from our septic guy and everything’s been approved and they’ll start installing the new system next week! No.more.laundromat! (Okay, I’ll stop doing somersaults now!)

The bathroom is coming together and coming together really well. I’m more pleased with it than I had anticipated.

My Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls showed up, too (flashing back to my childhood). Loving this, too:

So that’s about it. Two more days and I’m outta here! See ya when I get back!

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One Response to “Oh where, oh where, has Mary gone???”

  1. daisy Says:

    That turned out so nice! Thank goodness for vacation. Mine is 36 days away!