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This has been the week from h3ll for me.

–The weekend brought another foot plus of snow. That’s over 40″ already and we’re not even half way through snow season. Grrrrr….

–Niagara Falls has relocated inside my house. Clearly a new roof is in our not-so-distant future. Ugh.

–We were under the impression that hubby’s job was secure through 2009. Now the person in charge of maintenance has scheduled a conference call with the maintenance department at 3:00 this afternoon. Hubby is being optimistic and thinks this is going to be when he finds out “if” he’ll be out of work. I’m trying to be optimistic, too, but deep down, I think its going to be “when” he’ll be out of work. Never in my life have I wanted to be so wrong!

Which raises the question that has been going through my mind since he told me this last night – WHY do companies insist on doing this type of thing on a FRIDAY AFTERNOON??? Could they not ruin our work days instead of our weekend???

I will stop whining now. I will continue to remind myself that we have our health, a warm (albeit wet at the moment) home, each other and lots of love coming at us from many angles so life could absolutely be a lot worse. I’m just stressed out right now. And tired.

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One Response to “Stressed”

  1. stacy Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon! They just went through a second or third round of layoffs at Matt’s job. Yesterday, they laid off 7 people. He made it though, but it is very scary.

    I have also had the week from H.E. double hockey stick. This is the second week where my manager is no longer my manager and the s**t has been hitting the fan all week. It’s so busy and crazy and all these things are going wrong. But, I should be thankful that I even have a job, right? Ugh.