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Archive for September 15th, 2006

Psst! It’s me, Frosty!

I know, I know!  I’m not supposed to be using the computer but mom’s been so darn lax about updating this thing and I have some really exciting news to share!  I have a new baby sister!  Yup!  I-am-so-excited!!!   (I’m also very sad because I had to lose my big sister to get her but she lived a long, happy life and I used to drive her crazy anway!).  You ready?

Here ya go:

Me and my Shadow!!!

Okay, here’s a front angle:


And now a close up:

And one of me after a long day of playing with my Shadow:

See!  Now isn’t she just the cutest little thing?  See why I couldn’t wait to share those pictures of that little cutie?

Now, if you promise not to tell mom I was here, I’ll try to get her moving to get some pictures posted of what they’ve been doing to my great big litter box that they call their yard!

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