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DMCA Architect Says Law Hasn’t Achieved Goals

What refreshing honesty — at least, that’s what this appears like based on Geist’s summary. I still haven’t been able to watch the video for myself.
Nearly a decade after the DMCA passed, both empirical evidence and the insights of the Darknet paper convincingly demonstrate that the DMCA+DRM cannot stop or even slow “Internet piracy.” Yet DMCA defenders so often ignore this, or, instead, turn it into a reason to ratchet up copyright’s restrictions through DRM mandates, harsher secondary liability rules, mandatory filtering by Internet intermediaries, and so on.

I find this stay-the-course mentality completely confounding, and I’m glad that even Bruce Lehman appears to agree. I don’t think we’re in a “post-copyright era,” but it is long past time for a better way forward.

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  1. March 27th, 2007 | 4:28 pm


    Others have had the same problem viewing the video. To make it easier, I copied the stream and clipped Bruce Lehman’s section. It’s available in a flash player from splashcast media here:

    The entire video is available on google video at