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MS Zune Ad

Is this bird animation awesome? Bad? Awesomely bad?

I’m confused.

How Is The FairUse4WM Patch Being Delivered?

Bruce Schneier suggested that it was folded into Patch Tuesday security patches, but he didn’t cite a source.  I have a Windows XP box, and these are the updates I was sent this week. None of them appear to be Windows Media related. Are the updates coming through Windows Media Player, and not the normal Windows Update process itself?  Perhaps my version of Windows Media Player is one of the versions they couldn’t patch for? Are systems like Napster 2.0 pushing out the patch (Rhapsody didn’t push me an update)? Or is there something else going on here? Or is the patch being sneaked in with these unrelated security updates?

If anyone has determined exactly how the patch is being pushed out (and why FairUseWM 1.2 could apparently get around it), I would be interested to know.