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First Amendment – Why I applaud White House (why trying to justify wrongs can be good for everybody)

Edit: The White House, most likely after the first govt lawyer read what Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote, threw the towel in, for now…


As you know, the White House is somehow trying to justify why they took away Jim Acosta’s pass. It was clearly unconstitutional, and that must be seen even by the caliber of lawyers Trump hires. However, there should be a guidance on what is allowed and what not.

Up to now (ie, before Trump) everything went okay. Nixon with his Watergate was trying to kick journalist out, but was not aggressive. Trump is not willing to answer tough questions and makes it journalists fault (you are fake news, or lying on stage and then denying it). Journalists are also tougher, and don’t want to give up mikes (and interns are somehow more aggressive too, watch SNL skit on that).

Let’s have a guidance, and also the other side will have to behave. I am waiting to see it.

I am also happy that Trump appointed judge told Trump to stfu. At least we don’t have Obama appointee; Trump would have a theatrical  moment what decreases judiciary’s power again.

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