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Korean Absurdity

Serpico files the following report from Korea:

The City Hall building in the borough where I live and
work has this office, near the ones for COMPLAINTS and


Here, you are supposed to report “all sorts of absurdity.”

From the official grid of phone numbers:

Trash Disposal – 555.0001 – Questions about refuse,
recycling, odors
Complaints – 555.0002 – Mistreatment by city officers
Absurdity – 555.0003 – All sorts of absurdity
Elder Citizens – 555.0004 – Free health care for the

He is on assignment to obtain a photo of the Door of the Office of Absurdity. I think he should also try to file a report on his “Korean landlord who reams you out for a half an hour in Korean, spitting in some unexplainable rage, and then puts a little sticky note on your door at two in the morning that says “I sorry” with a frowning cartoon face on it. Is that saving face?”

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