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More Bill Murray @ Harvard

Found myself at a party with Elvis Mitchell’s T/A tonight, and heard all about the Bill Murray appearance in class Friday. He said he was disappointed that Bill wasn’t more of an asshole. I think I would have been too.

Also at this party, which was nearly exclusively attended by people with Master’s degrees in cinema studies, Elvis Mitchell turned out to be very unpopular. I tend to have no strong opinions about him or any other reviewers, but have lately in blog-land been seeing lots of lamenting about his abrupt departure from the New York Times. At this party, however, there was nothing but relief that he’s gone. They hated him and his “showoffy” style. And there was word that his class was on the showoffy and shallow side as well. I still have no opinion of him, but the fact of the matter is that there is a difference between academic criticism (cinema studies grads) and journalism (elvis mitchell), and the two generally don’t mix (or respect each other).

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