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Kill Bill: Breaking or Affirming Stereotypes?

I’ve been kind of confused and speechless over the gender issues displayed in Kill Bill 1&2, but here’s a convincing defense from, of all people, Molly Haskell:

“And that’s what makes Tarantino unique–women stretching their muscles in the action arena without leaving their affections at the door. These are not women simply airlifted into male roles, with the traditional characteristics intact, but action roles conceived for women, with women’s sorrows and women’s biology, in which they show the strengths and limits of their sex. On the plus side, they’re fluid and capable and intuitive, and they aren’t dragging around giant egos in constant need of stoking. The downside, in terms of plot and action, is the brake applied by motherhood. A pregnant warrior is one who stops dead in her tracks, when her mind switches channels in mid-stream, goes into nurture mode. Babies are anti-action and anti-climax. “

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