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The beginning, the middle, but to what end?

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From Wiki’s to WAN’s how does all this technology serve us?  Are we protected from ourselves or will the age of information prove to be too much?

“To understand why we have less privacy today than in the past, we must look not just at the gadgets. To be sure, we should be wary of spies and thieves, but we should also look at those who protect us and help us—and we should also take a good look in the mirror.” 1

When the original World Wide Web came to be, individuals’ words and actions online were well hidden – cloaked behind some magic filter it seemed, but in reality hard to access because the network architecture precluded an easy interface to retrieve the data.

Today, these platforms are constructed to be able to log transactional bits and bytes of information that we create when we simply sign on. Making it easy for both organizations and individuals to piece together our personal IP address information that is left behind, technology today has enabled a vast variety of third parties to create literal dossiers of our every keystroke.

As we navigate consumer good websites, social media applications or news organizations, we are leaving behind a digital trail that finds us again in the form of advertisements, game suggestions, or local coupons in the sidebar of our searches. Is this trade off of information for marketing opportunities enough of a value to us to abandon the anonymity we would otherwise have? If it isn’t, why are we complacent in accepting this, and, if it is, how much further down the road are we willing to travel?

Blog posts written by:  cam  ~ Harvard Alumni, Owner of Spicy Pear Media Inc , a technology and education consultative firm.

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