I always focus too much on the goal, my goal is always pursuit of excellence since the time when I was still a kid, I went to the best college, law school, medical school.  and follow on I get the job from the investment bank, venture capital, and do the start-up, I always pursue the higher goal and thinking too much about the future, because I already bury this thought in my mind that I want to live life to its full potential, but at the same time, I forget to really enjoy a life of every minute.

But just today I start to think I should enjoy a life of every minute, the simple life. I told my partner that what we are doing here in Bangkok is for business success, that’s not wrong, but our life is all about every day, every little surprise and small interesting thing, the beautiful sunset, little jog around the park, small joke and companionship with each other.

like one of my female friends who is a very sexy model told me now it’s very easy to have orgasm , but what she needs is a man who can talk to her, give her tissue and take a walk with her after sex,  instead of buying everything to her but not willing to spend time with her, because this is life.