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poems and iced tea

Posted on June 9th, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

Oh, and because I’m terribly conceited: my poem got accepted into the first edition of Primo Lux, so yeah, yay, go me. My friend makes wacked out iced tea- like you know with real tea- she cheats a bit because one of the secret ingredients is iced tea powder- but now i let out a secret on the internet- and you know where that gets me… And i have some top secret business to discuss with you! And you as well do to with all of it… Grand Buffet are from PA, but have built a pretty strong Baltimore following, largely through their affiliation with Cex and some other MCs from Baltimore. I cant say this enough: Grand Buffet are great live. However, I would just like to say in my defense that our instructor isn’t asking us to DO anything with the readings, so when faced with the choice of grading papers or doing my reading, what do you think I am going to pick? Now she’s moved back into town, and her family just happens to have a house in this great neighborhood that I would love to live in, and it’s a cute little bungalow on a nice street and the prior tenant has moved out and so she’s just going to move in and take over. I suspect that I just might might might get a call if they do poker again. Is that okay??? That just freaked me out for the rest of the time I was there so I had to put that in this journal so someone could feel the same way that I did when I found out, that person is fine though, they just walked away from the hospital with cuts and bruises which is something to praise God for cause it coulda been way worst then it turned out to be. Oh oh oh I have to say this too cause it freaked me out when I found out what the deal was. And the rest of the stuff that I’d like to write in here, well, I’m just gonna keep it to myself for right now…

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Rings and weddings, etc

Posted on June 9th, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

I keep hearing about people getting married and can’t help but think they either wind up wonderfully or tragically. Some people make the mistake of being too busy with planning the wedding that they don’t plan the marriage. Maybe some people spend too much time buying engagement rings like pave diamond mountings and not enough time getting to know the other person and really falling in love. This is sad to me. It’s like we only get a chance or two at this– but we get multiple chances at everything else in life.  How do we choose right, the first time?

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Posted on June 6th, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

Tonight I spoke with a prophetess… but that has nothing to do with this entry… I realized I really had nothing to talk about. I had a feeling about it. I was told i bird walk, it means like, talking about something, going off on a tangent and talking about something completely different, then going back to what i was talking about before like i havent been ranting about something else for the last 5 minutes. About growing up and what a struggle it would be. Part of me is really scared of what its doing to me and worries about money spent on it but the other side couldn’t give a shit. What about Love at first sight? What happens if you absolutly love someone to death, you are so in love with them, yet they are horrible in bed? What I did is mix a bit of wasabi with soy sauce because I had seen other people do it. And they have the lovely Jonathan Bartlett working for them. Not that my dad’s car is in much better condition, hense why it was originally chosen to have the insurance taken off it. And I don’t think the apple pie for dessert was baked at all! At the time, sales were down and Chander was spending money like a drunken sailor on new equipment and other things. I am betting even further that the only reason I am getting the extra 10 percent may be a concession that Chander made to Howard and that is where the remark about the extra money making up for the time I will be off looking for a job came up. I imagine getting a giant headache from trying to hold back the tears. Remember that little invite effort I made the other day at work?

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We Buy Ugly Houses type stuff, but online

Posted on June 3rd, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

Have you ever seen those signs in person, either on billboards or on hand-written posters placed on telephone poles that advertise things like “sell a house fast” or “we buy houses for cash“?  I never really tend to believe them because they always seem too good to be true.  I think their advantage, though, is that they always offer cash deals and move really quickly, I mean really quickly… that’s how they justify the possibly lower prices they offer for homes.

I obviously don’t need it now and probably won’t even after college, but I still wonder how many people use services such as these because there are sooo many companies in the market.  It must be really profitable considering how much interest there is in the industry, but it must also work out well for consumers who just need to pick up, take cash and leave.  Anyway, it’s interesting to see stuff like this in both the online and offline world.

Not exactly necessary at Harvard, though :), considering something like 97% of us live on-campus.

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Social Life at Harvard

Posted on May 31st, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

I think social life at school helps to live life positively and also encourages being oneself. I think without social life there can be no meaning. Many students at Harvard school do not have much of social life, their life usually revolves round books, and I think that can be so hard and so depressing at times.
I feel social life is integral part of school life. Life without friends or life without being socially active can be empty. Due to absence of social life there are many students who suffer from depression, they cannot get over their studies and are stuck in their rooms for 24 hours.
I don’t understand that, I know myself, I love to have social life, although at first it was hard for me when I came to school, everything was new and I didn’t know where to start, but in the end I had to start it anyways, I had to find social life for myself to get me going every day and which helps me to be encouraged all the time.
I have known some friends who hate going out or socializing with other friends and I just don’t understand how they can live without social life. I know of some friends who go out when they need to shop for food, that’s it. I know, this sounds worse, but it is true in many cases, when students keep themselves aloof from the rest of the community, half of the time they don’t even know what is going in school or what is going on in their neighborhood. I feel that is so sad, and there is freedom for social life, especially for students and they should take benefit of it.
I feel socially you can get involved in activities at school. It is good idea to find out social events at school, like fair or like café shop or something creative. It is also very therapeutic to go out with friends for a movie or just go shopping. The best thing is to find out some of the social hang out points near the school, find a good movie place around the school and also some of the good eating points or something.
According to me, students should have social life doing creative things through out the week with other friends. It is so much refreshing and it gives much more of perspective to life. Without having social life, life can get very depressing and without hope. Social life also boosts up the capabilities of studying more. For myself, I am refreshed after having a great time with my friends it gives me more energy to sit and refocus on my studies.
Social life in a way helps you shape your personality and the person you want to become, it is therefore recommended for students who come to school to find friends or they are connected with friends who can spend some quality time and get to learn more about life.

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Posted on May 24th, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

Welcome to my new site about life at Harvard.  I will post thoughts and random experiences here.  Thankfully it’s finally summer.

Hello world!

Posted on May 24th, 2007 in Uncategorized by bobby

Welcome to Weblogs at Harvard Law School. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!