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Site Blackout plugin

A site blackout plugin has been installed on We had several requests for this feature from bloggers. However our creation of this blackout plugin does not constitute an official endorsement of a specific cause or policy. Bloggers on always have complete control over the messaging on their blogs. Please consider this plugin another tool to increase the impact of your voice.


  1. As a site administrator, enable the “Berkman Site Blackout” plugin under your sites “Plugins” menu.
  2. Configure the plugin under your blogs’ “Settings” -> “Site Blackout” page. Feel free to use the text from my site.

The options should be fairly self-explanatory, but to clarify:

  • “Page title” is the large text that appears “above the fold”.
  • “Page link” is the URL that this text links to.
  • “Message” is the message text – be sure to include a link to a site that a visitor can take action from.