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Upgraded to wordpress 3.0.1, new analytics on the horizon.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1

The changes that matter most to me (as the sysadmin) aren’t of much interest to most: wordpress 3.0 merged vanilla wordpress and wordpress-mu into a single codebase. This means there’s only one wordpress to contend with, and as plugins get “certified” to work under wordpress 3.x, they should work for us as well (ceteris paribus, especially around security and privacy considerations).

Changes that might matter to you – as a blogger – include:

  1. A new default theme – “twentyten”. It’s clean and very customizable – check it out on my blog,
  2. Further refinement of the backend interface,
  3. A “get shortlink” feature on the post edit page for use in twitter and other size constrained social service.

Analytics Upgrades

We’re still building out the infrastructure, but we’re going to offer piwik and google as improved analytics options. Piwik is a fairly impressive open source analytics program (demo here) that’s a great option for the privacy-conscious: we will run the piwik analytics server and your visitor data won’t be leaked to third parties, ever.  We’ll provide google analytics through a plugin if that’s your preference.

Stay tuned!