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Building a Guitar Pedal


I had recently finished soldering everything and preparing the enclosure. To test it, I plugged in my electric guitar and amp. The bypass / clean sound works perfectly — but turning it on didn’t give me any sound anymore. The LED turned on, but even adjusting each of the knobs didn’t result in any sound.

I went back and thought about what might be causing it — and realized that when i soldered wires to the potentiometers, I let them poke up until the box. Well, the box itself is metal… so that must’ve been shorting things! So I loosened the pots and plugged in my guitar:

I’ll snipped off the excess, added electrical tape to hopefully prevent further shorts with the box, and tightened everything up. I’m still getting an issue if I tighten the bottom of the box all the way in, but if I give it a little slack, the pedal seems to work brilliantly!


  1. Rob

    how is the testing going? Want any help debugging or with analysis?

  2. spectore

    This sounds awesome! What were the settings you used for the video recording? Can the effects be turned up / made more severe or is the pedal maxed out?