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Work in progress: updating rubric participation

In one of my prior posts I mentioned that I am starting to understand the concept of “participation rubric” v. individualistic content flooding. Basically, we need to connect with our peers with our views, expertise, newly acquired or existing skills in order to create this content.

Now, from understanding this concept to actually structuring certain commitments, is quite a challenge, which I am attempting to overcome right here and now.

Criteria Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Underperforms Expectation
Post reactions to readings (assigned and discovered on own) via social media (twitter/blog) Blog once a week, as a reaction to the reading(s), as a matter of highlighting of my ongoing project within the course; share other sources, relevant to our online and in-class conversations (aiming to provoke a conversation). Read and comment on others’ blog posts / tweets. Blogging once a week on readings, engaging (occasionally) with peers via comments. Blogging less than weekly, not engaging with peers via comments.
Working on a project within the course Synthesize the issue(s), summarize existing practices, propose trajectory for solutions, keep the progress report via social media, summarize the project’s part with the partner on this project Synthesize the issue(s), summarize existing practices. Synthesize the issues.


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