Alternative Fees Beat: Who Is Doing It? and How?

This is just a quick pointer to Jim Hassett’s blog, Legal Business Development, where he has released the initial findings from his survey of AmLaw 100 firms on alternative billing arrangements. There’s been lots of talk about alternative fees, but Hassett has been busy getting answers. And now, without further ado, I give you over to Jim

Click on: Alternative fees survey

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2 comments on “Alternative Fees Beat: Who Is Doing It? and How?
  1. So why is non-hourly billing called alternative billing?

    Have we gotten so wed to the billable hour that we think its the best way to monetize the attorney-client relationship?

    Maybe we should drop the moniker? Call hourly billing what it is: hourly billing.

    Blended rates, flat fees, subscriptions and should be used. Let’s stop calling alternative billing. It sounds like there is something wrong with it.

  2. Amy Campbell says:

    Great point, Doug.