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Year: 2004

Amy’s 2004 Top Ten Web Diversions

Here’s my annual contribution to the seasonal dip in office productivity — my top ten list of interesting and innovative web content links. Enjoy. Be inspired. 1. Top Team Relive the magic! The’s Red Sox multimedia files of the

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Google‘s wearing the red ribbon today and lending the power and reach of its homepage to raise awareness of the world AIDS epidemic.

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Our Narrowcasting Future

I’m finally going to sit down and watch PBS’ Frontline show, The Persuaders about the the trend away from mass advertising toward narrowcasting and new ways corporations get you to buy soap and candidates. View the full program online. My

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“The franchise is the content”

Interesting comments at Online News Association Conference from Tom Curley, CEO of Associated Press, on how Internet is more than just another distribution medium, “it has become our entire business environment…” Key outtakes: “Content will be more important than its

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Go Sox!

What all Red Sox fans look like on the inside today/tonight. (This little darlin’ sat in front of me at the infamous Game 3 ALCS)

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News Stories Ignored by Big Media

Posting this for props and link strength to a worthy endeavor… Project Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004 chronicling the “news that didn’t make the news.”

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Are Republicans Better Brand Managers?

Marketers and politicians alike can take a lesson from Republicans on how to “frame” an issue, debate or person using just a few words. This article from UCBerkeley News, Linguistics professor George Lakoff dissects the “war on terror” and other

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Fight The Powers That Be

Or Why Media Conglomeration Is Bad For Democracy I’ve viewed all the previews of Outfoxed and am ordering the DVD and am now back on the topic of Media Conglomeration. This looks like an excellent expose on how Fox manipulates

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Law Firms as Businesses, Growing Up

Who Will Do The Serious Selling? Notes from Day 2 of LSSO’s Raindance Conference (see also Day 1): In “Who Will Do The Serious Selling?” Mike O’Horo (whose company Sales Results Inc. trains and coaches lawyers and firm management) said

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The Changing Landscape – Law Firm Sales

Sounds of the rainforest may have set the theme for LSSO‘s first annual “Raindance Conference” in Boston today, but the 100 attendees from across the country sounded a drumbeat of change for the legal services industry. In introductory remarks, Doug

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More on Law Firm Sales Trend

Not to be confused with Raindance the conference, the cover of the current issue of Law Firm Inc. features an article called Rain Dance that adds to the buzz surrounding law firm sales. The article’s intro reads, “Firms are struggling

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Legal Sales and Service Conference Blogging

I will be attending the Legal Sales and Service Organization’s “Raindance” conference on June 23 and 24 at Boston’s Harborside Hyatt, and trying my hand at being a blog reporter on the programs I attend. As the legal landscape becomes

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Law Firm Web Sites Get Business

Well executed web sites do win business for law firms as well as other professional services firms. As a web content strategist, I’ve tracked how relevant content, usually in the form of articles, can bring the right people to my

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A picture is worth…

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“Power Writing” Tips

Boston Women’s Business has published my top five “power writing” tips for business. The article is a shortened version of Power Writing in the Age of Spam posted on my web site, which stresses the importance of writing with clarity

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RSS gets a little friendlier

Those folks who have a My Yahoo! account can now easily add RSS feeds to their My Yahoo! accounts. When Yahoo! returns search results from a web site that has a headline news feed (RSS), it includes a link that

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Larry Lessig’s Free Culture

I just downloaded Larry Lessig’s Free Culture, How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity having found reference to it on Akma’s Random Thoughts (via DayPop 40) where, thanks to the Creative Commons

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E-Newsletters Still Welcome in Inboxes Amid Spam

Jakob Nielsen’s latest study on e-newsletters, indicates they are still the most important way to communicate with customers on the Internet. In “Targeted Email Newsletters Show Continued Strength,” Nielsen explains that despite the adverse spam-laden environment , e-newsletters can be

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When copyright, innovation, art and satellites collide

Hours of fun, art and irony at Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age an online exhibit including Brian Springer’s “Spin” (a look at “media-manufactured reality” and politics via raw satellite feeds) and DJ Danger Mouse’s The Grey

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E-Publishing’s “Pong Moment”

Two interesting posts on Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits regarding Martin Nisenholtz’s (New York Times Digital) theory that future of e-media will be something completely different… The ‘Third Phase’ of Electronic Publishing, and The Pong Moment in Convergence Chaser. While it may

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