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more chinese hatred on gizmodo; alan disapproves

Just when we all thought attacks against the Chinese couldn’t get more blatant, another Gizmodo blog entry and comments shows the true, misguided and hateful thoughts of (primarily) Americans towards the Chinese people. When will the United States realise that China no longer truly considers itself a communistic country? Many countries have realised this switch already, perhaps the States simply refuses.

Regardless, attacks against the Chinese people are uncalled for. The Chinese don’t call American citizens violent, militaristic, dominating people because the United States invaded Iraq. They address the United States government instead, if at all. Perhaps it’s time to stop insulting persons who didn’t do anything wrong.

From one single entry:

“It’s China… and people are surprised why?”

“The chinese are a little strange. I’ve not heard a single thing about the country to make me want to like it or go there. ”

“It is nice of them did not shot the singing little girl to cover this up. ”

“Really, is the worst thing China is doing right now? ‘

“In Communist China all girls are photoshoped into the picture.”

“Oh China, will there ever come a day when you don’t get things your way? Like once, in this or any future millenia?”

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