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“Out of Sight”

When I was a baby, all I wanted was milk,

To quench my thirst as it moved down my throat as smooth as silk.

When I was a child, all I wanted was chocolate and sweets,

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate. It didn’t matter as long as it spoiled my teeth.

When I was a teenager, all I wanted was a car,

Red, black, yellow, what’s the difference, they all will take me far.

Now that I’m an adult, all I want is lots of money,

For bags, clothes, and vacations to places where it’s always sunny.

It is all about the fake and things that I can buy,

Why worry about life? I’m just too young to die.

These are things that I say to myself in order to make me feel good,

I forget to check on my friends, to ask them questions even though I should.

But why worry about that now? We still have a long journey ahead,

Only dreams for me as I lie gently in my bed.

But soon the day becomes night, and the sun begins to set,

The birds stop their chirping and the surroundings become quiet.

A vibrant life I once knew before,

Made that early decision to open Heaven’s door.

No letters were left or signs of goodbye,

No evidence is there to answer our questions of why.

Instead we stand still within a cloud of grief,

Wondering what happened with open eyes of disbelief.

Too many a times life is taken for granted,

Cups of selfishness are sipped while evil words are chanted.

We neglect to appreciate the simple things that make up life,

Family, friends, children, your husband and wife.

We instead look at the things that can be bought in the stores,

In order to neglect the truths of life that lie within the core.

No milk or sweets can rival true love,

For those we care about and He who lies above.

No car can drive fast enough to defeat the truck of pure happiness,

For the simple breath of life and those who could not love us for any less.

No money can be used to buy the people you call friends,

Who will always stand with you to the very end.

So rid of the fake and love your family and friends with all your might,

Because in a blink of an eye what you thought was there can soon become out of sight.


                                                                                      -Amarachi Eseonu

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