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Some Pictures


The family rallied round to fight for liberty

Olaechea's legal team in Court. Javier Valle Riestra and Dra Isabel Cheng.

The Rotonda in the High Security Prison of Castro Castro (Canto Grande) Peru, scene of terrible massacres during the civil conflict

Lord Rea and Adolfo Olaechea behind the bar at the famous Cordano cafe in Lima

Inside my cell in Castro Castro Castro High Security prison

I even had use of a cell phone smuggled into the compound

Peruvian media acts aggressively as a tool of the officially sanctioned view

Today I will start adding some background pictures in preparation for telling you the story of my long trial. I will be introducing (at random) some of the places where events took place, as well as some of the people who played a role in this confrontation of freedom vs the repressive state apparatus in Peru.

Welcome to Adolfo Olaechea’s Blog


Hello. Welcome to My Blog.

My name is Adolfo Olaechea. Before July 2003, I had lived in London for the best part of the last 40 years. However, for the past seven I have practically been a prisoner of the Peruvian State, confined to the limits of the city of Lima after been handed over by the Spanish authorities. …


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